We are a West Michigan based small business focused on sewing unique products that are designed to meet your lifestyle. We work hard to combine fabrics and colors in a way that will make your day brighter every time you grab your Orange Scooter merchandise. Together we sew high quality products using bright, fun fabrics. 

We are based out of Lynda's home in Byron Center, MI.  We have a sewing facility located inside a local small business center in Grand Rapids, MI.

we love our products

Together, we sew high quality products using bright, fun fabrics.

we love our people

Our team includes refugee women who we teach to sew these fun products.

we love working together

The refugee women make a fair wage that inspires them with hope as they adjust to life in a new area. The whole team benefits as we sew together, share our lives, and smile as we create fun things that we think you're going to love. So check  out what we have to offer... and just maybe you'll be smiling too!